Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Thursday, October 23, 2014
Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down while guarding Canada's National War Memorial in Ottawa.
October 23rd, 2014
05:31 AM ET

Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canada looks for answers after a deadly shooting in the capital. Police dogs get the latest White House fence jumper. And protests heat up in Ferguson, Missouri, after a newspaper leaks an autopsy report.

It's Thursday, and here are the "5 things to know for your New Day."


Questions remain: First a soldier guarding a hallowed war memorial was gunned down in Canada's capital. Then shots erupted in the halls of the country's Parliament minutes later. The two shootings in Ottawa yesterday left lawmakers barricaded inside offices and parts of the city on lockdown for hours as police searched for suspects. Ottawa Police lifted the lockdown last night and said there was no longer a danger to the public. But still, there are plenty of questions. Are more attacks coming? Is there another gunman? Did ISIS have a hand in this?

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Not again! A man jumped over the White House fence last night, but he barely made it onto the lawn before he was subdued as he fought two police dogs. It's the second such incident in the last month. If you remember, in mid-September, a man scaled a fence and, armed with a knife, made it into the White House before he was detained.

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Tinderbox: Ferguson protests heated up again last night after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a leaked autopsy report that appeared to lend credence to an officer's account that Michael Brown was shot when he reached for the officer's gun. Police and protesters clashed last night, with several detentions.
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Is the tide turning? President Obama is "cautiously more optimistic" that we may be turning the corner in the Ebola fight. Two infected Americans are cured, Nigeria and Senegal are Ebola-free, and dozens of people who came in contact with now-deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan didn't get the virus. Another piece of good news: Texas nurse Amber Vinson, who got the virus tending to Duncan, will soon be transferred from isolation.

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Destructive streak : ISIS is not only at war with the Iraqi state, it's also at war with Iraq's very identity blowing up religious shrines, slaughtering and enslaving minorities such as the Yazidis, Christians and Turkmen, and executing its enemies. And what it hasn't destroyed, ISIS is selling on the black market.

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Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a couple of others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing.

–Doggone it! Why can't I fetch a ball? I'm a dog! No, you're Duffy.

– It's my party, I'll dive if I want to: A baby dives face-first into a birthday cake. Hey, you only turn 1 once.

There you go. All you need to know to get an early start to your morning.
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Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Authorities say Darren Vann confessed to killing a woman in northwest Indiana and led police to the bodies of six others.
October 22nd, 2014
01:22 AM ET

Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Police are looking for more victims in northwest Indiana. A freelance cameraman who had Ebola is now virus-free. And an American newspaper icon is dead.

It's Wednesday, and here are the "5 things to know for your New Day."


Looking for answers: Seven women are dead in northwest Indiana, but are there more? Authorities in Gary and Hammond are searching for answers in the thousands of vacant structures that litter the area. Authorities say Darren Deon Vann the man who, according to police documents, admitted strangling a woman inside a Hammond Motel 6 room confessed to killing six others and led police to their bodies in Gary. Vann has been charged in the death of 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy, the woman whose body was found in Hammond.

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October 21st, 2014
10:52 AM ET

Our "New Day" Family Grows and Grows!

In today's edition of the "Good Stuff," we're honoring three "New Day" babies that were born this past week!

Our senior producer Paulina Gigante and her husband Rich had a little girl on Friday.

Dominika "Nika" Luciana Gigante was born at 10:07 am. She is 7 lb and 13 oz.

Baby and mommy are doing great.

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AND... "New Day" senior producer John Griffin has twins!

Jack and Bobby, named after their grandfathers, couldn’t be stopped.

Jack was 6lbs, 12oz and born at 8:48am; Bobby was born at 8:49am, and was 6lbs, 5oz.  They’re early, so they’ll be in the NICU for a couple of days, but they’re both very strong and breathing on their own.  And mom is doing just fine.

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October 21st, 2014
06:06 AM ET

"Morning Minute" with Michaela Pereira – October 21, 2014

Need to get today's top stories on-the-go? Watch Michaela Pereira's morning minute now!

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