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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kate Bolduan

Kate Bolduan is co-anchor on 'New Day' alongside Chris Cuomo and news anchor Michaela Pereira weekdays at 6am ET.

When she's not on-air, Kate can usually be found at the gym, spending with family and goofing around behind-the-scenes at 'New Day.'

Oh and also getting ready for baby! She and her husband are also expecting their first child in October.

Here, Kate shares 10 things you didn't know about her:

1. I'm left-handed but I play all sports right-handed

2. I have a unique talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere, any time

3. I would eat cereal for every meal if allowed

4. My parents were told they were having a boy, so my room growing up was all blue with trains and teddy bears for years

5. I grew up in an apple orchard

6. I can barefoot waterski

7. I studied in Madrid, Spain where I learned to speak Spanish

8. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies (though I hear they're pretty good)

9. Ketchup goes with everything

10. My family nickname is Kway Wayne because I was obsessed as a child with Dwayne Wayne from A Different World. I even owned several pairs of flip-up sunglasses

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