November 14th, 2013
10:26 AM ET

Typhoon Haiyan: U.S. Aid Fleet Enters Disaster Zone

Much-needed relief arrived in the Philippines on Thursday, when two U.S. Navy ships sailed in to help hundreds of thousands who have gone without food and clean water for nearly a week.

The destroyers USS Lassen and USS Mustin led the way for a mammoth aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, which has 80 aircraft and 5,000 sailors to distribute food, water and medicine, the Navy said.

A nearly 700-foot supply ship is not far behind, Senior International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh reports.

The Navy cut the sailors' shore leave short to send them on the relief mission to the area ripped apart last Friday by one of the strongest cyclones on record, Typhoon Haiyan.

Its winds, 3.5 times as strong as those of hurricane Katrina, pushed in a wall of water about 15 feet high, washing away towns on many islands in the south of the country.

By Thursday morning, the official death toll had climbed to 2,357. More than 3,800 were injured and about 77 are still missing.

The sailors arrive to a scene of desolation, where help comes too late for many, and international aid has piled up at airports, blocked from distribution to the starving by miles of debris piled up on roads to hard-hit areas.

It is taking a long time to clear them and establish communications in to remote areas, said Philippine Interior Minister Mar Roxas.

"Imagine a situation where from zero, from zero, no power, light, water, communication, nothing, you have to build the social infrastructures as well as the physical infrastructures for 275,000."

Only 20 trucks are operating and they are overloaded with tasks, he said. Half are delivering food; half are clearing roads and removing dead bodies that have been lying around since the storm hit.

He led a cadaver recovery team himself on Tuesday and Wednesday, he said.

The danger of violence also looms over the relief efforts.

Police warned a CNN crew to turn back Wednesday on the road south of Tacloban, saying rebels had been shooting at civilians.

"Maybe they are looking for food," a police commander said.

Though progress is slow, Roxas feels it is doubling by the day.

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November 14th, 2013
10:13 AM ET

New EpiPen Law Could Save Lives of Children With Allergies

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a bill that, it turns out, hits close to home.

H.R. 2094, the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, was passed with bipartisan support to help students with food allergies, including oldest daughter Malia.

"This is something that will save children's lives," the President said at the signing. "Some people may know that Malia actually has a peanut allergy. She doesn't have asthma, but obviously making sure that EpiPens are available in case of emergency in schools is something that every parent can understand."

Family Physician Dr. Jennifer Caudle weighed in on "New Day" Thursday.

Dr. Caudle said "We know that in the U.S. about four to six  percent of children have food allergies, and we also know this number is rising."

The new law provides incentives to schools to set up plans to have EpiPens and trained staff members more readily available.

It gives funding preferences for asthma treatment grants to states where schools keep emergency supplies of epinephrine, allow school employees with training to administer it and develop a plan to make sure trained staffers are available during all school hours.

This is the first time Obama spoke of Malia, 15, having a peanut allergy.

Earlier, the family revealed that she suffered from allergies and that they were part of the decision on what kind of dog to get after the president took office.

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November 14th, 2013
10:08 AM ET

Five-Year-Old Steals Show At Band Camp

Five-year-old Taranza Mckelvin stole the show when he led Glades Central High School band last summer at band camp.

It's Thursday's "Must See Moment" and it comes from CNN affiliate WPTV. 

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November 14th, 2013
10:06 AM ET

New Poll: People Prefer Male Bosses Over Female

"My last boss was a woman. All she did was micromanage everyone."

"Every woman boss I've ever had was extremely passive-aggressive in their leadership."

"It (was) much easier being managed by a male because he didn't put up with the pettiness or the gossip."

Sorry, ladies of the working world. Those are comments we received in response to my recent piece about how companies with more women in C-suites and corporate boards do better financially.

But so many commenters said they absolutely preferred working for a man, we knew we had to explore the "why" behind that sentiment.

Then this week, the Gallup organization added some numbers - and fuel - to the debate.

In telephone interviews with a random sample of 2,059 adults, Gallup found that Americans still prefer a male boss over a female, with 41% choosing to work for a man and 23% saying they prefer women supervisors. It's the highest-ever number recorded for women bosses since Gallup has been asking.

See more at 

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